Frequently asked questions about our team building activities and experiences

What is WEPLEIA?
WEPLEIA is a marketplace of activities and experiences to promote team building and team cohesion. WEPLEIA will help you find the ideal team building activity for your corporate event or equipment workshop.
What is team building?
Team building is essential for the success of companies and the cohesion of teams. Team building refers to activities designed to strengthen the relationships between team members and improve collaboration and communication.
Why is the construction of equipment important to companies?
The construction of equipment has several key benefits:
Problem solving Encourages collaboration and efficient problem solving in the team.
Mutual trust Helps generate trust between work companies, which is essential for a productive environment.
Strengthen leadership Not only the official leader, but also other members of the team can lead projects and tasks.
Motivation Team building activities increase motivation at both the group and individual level.
Millora de l'entorn de treball Promotes creativity and millora l'ambient de treball.
Self-awareness Workers discover their strengths and weaknesses, which contribute to personal and professional growth.
Identification of the strong and weak members of the team Helps to better understand the group dynamics.
Million of processes and procedures Facilitates the optimization of organizational productivity.
Which activities are most effective for team building?
Activities can vary depending on the needs and culture of the company, but some popular options include:
Play cooperative puzzles, escape rooms or outdoor activities.
Communication workshops Millorar the capabilities of escort and expression.
Creative activities Painting, music or theater in equipment.
Retirements or trips to strengthen ties outside the work environment.

Remember that the creation of equipment not only benefits the company, but also the individual well-being of employees.